Trade Show & Event Carpet Padding

Carpet padding is an effective way to cushion your exhibit floor for added comfort and greatly extend the life of your trade show carpet. The Inside Track offers a 1/2? pad and our 1? Master pad.

One very important component of our event and trade show carpet is the one no one will ever see – the padding. Good carpet padding does more than provide comfort. It also conveys an element of quality that people will sense as soon as they set foot on your carpet.

½” – 6 lb 

Our ½” – 6 lb. pad is a great choice for our trade show carpet. We always provide extra padding at no charge so you don't have to use scraps from previous cuts to finish your booth. The roll sizes are 6' wide x 45' long.

1” Master Pad

The industry loves our 1” padding – whether it's used for adding extra comfort to your booth or hiding heavy electrical, water or air lines. The roll sizes are 6' wide x 30' long.

¼” Eco padding

The only pad that works with any rollable vinyl is our ¼” – 12 lb. eco pad. This innovative product can be used to channel flat electrical cords underneath your floor as well as add comfort to your booth. This product is available in 10' wide x 12' wide rolls.
Carpet ordered from The Inside Track is always wrapped in heavy plastic at our mill to keep it clean while it's being shipped to its destination. To help keep your carpet clean after the show, we suggest using our carpet bags while it's being shipped and stored until your next show. It's also a great idea to keep the cardboard tubes that the carpet is wrapped around, reusing these will help the carpet keep its shape.

•Durable, stain and water-resistant fabric
• Strong zipper and rugged handles
• Stock colors: Red, Blue
• Other colors available: Black, Purple & Fluorescent Orange. (same low price with additional lead time)


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