We can provide casino games for your next party or event complete with highly skilled dealers and state of the art gaming tables. We can take your casino party theme ideas to a new level.

We have a complete array of casino equipment rentals, accessories and games including the hottest games straight from Vegas.

All our games come complete with state of the art gaming tables and highly skilled dealers. Our games have been built to set up and tear down easily.

We offer traditional card games such as Black Jack, Paigow Poker, Baccarat and Texas Hold ‘Em .
Many of our clients ask to have the Money Wheel customized to match their event theme. See our customization page for examples.

Formerly known as Slot Machines, our Skill Stoppers are a perfect addition to any casino night where you need variety. We can even customize the wheels and game fronts with your company logo and message.

If you want to add a simulated activity to your casino theme, we suggest Video Horse Racing. Place a bet, watch the race and collect your prize at the betting window. Ask us about additional décor to add to this activity.

Other Ways You Can Customize Your Casino:

Custom game felts, custom playing cards, custom chips or even have our dealers wear your company's logo on their shirt. Let us help you get the most out of your brand in an innovative and creative way.

Casino Attractions

Black Jack

A Vegas standard for every casino, Black Jack is easy to learn and fun to play.


Take a roll of the dice and see if you can beat the odds in this classic Vegas game.

Heads Up World Poker

A fully automated poker table where two players compete heads-up in Texas Hold'em Tournaments! In Full HD!

Hold'em Tables – (Texas Hold'em Style Poker)

The hottest Vegas card game around, Texas Hold'em will keep your guests entertained for hours.

Mini Baccarat

Play the high dollar game without losing your shirt! Just like James Bond!

Pai Gow Poker

A unique variation of five card poker.


Choose your color, spin the wheel and see if the ball drops on your color.

Skill Stoppers

Formerly known as slot machines, skill stoppers can be enjoyed by everyone. Stop the wheel on three of a kind to win.

Standard Poker Tables

The standard Vegas card game that is sweeping the nation. Poker is easy to learn and fun to play.

The Classic Game of Bingo

Bingo is a versatile and fun game for everyone. Line up your cards and get ready to shout!

Video Horse Racing

Simulated horse racing at its best.

Wheel of Fortune – Customized

Wheel of Fortune, customized to match your event's theme, logo or message. Great for parties, trade shows or carnivals.

Wheel of Fortune / Money Wheel

Perfect for parties or event trade show booths, the money wheel is easy to spin and makes it easy to win.


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