Engage more trade show attendees by using the trick that every savvy marketing professional knows: Entertainment. Make your booth come alive by using The Inside Track's jugglers, magicians, trick shot pool players and even mimes to captivate attendees and draw them into your booth. Once they're in the booth, they'll get a close-up look at your products' benefits and most importantly, interact with your sales staff. Entertainment draws them in and you do the rest.

Let us send you a promotional video so you can see for yourself these incredible talented artists at work in trade shows nationwide:

Trick Shot Pool Champs

Our U.S. trick shot pool champion is a fantastic spokesman for your company! You'll love the way he incorporates your company and product information into unbelievable presentations that are dazzling and fun for your attendees. Let us send you his promotional video so you can see his incredible talent in action for yourself.


Nothing captivates the imagination of show attendees like magic. Clients love using The Inside Track's magicians because of their work ethic, professional presentation and warm personality. They're experienced at working in the trade show environment and know how to bring attendees into the booth.

Robot Stilts

Look up! If you're looking for one-of-a-kind talent to help your booth “stand out” in a crowd, Robot Stilts performers are it! Cool costumes and choreographed moves make every attendee pay attention to your exhibit above the others.


When you think of juggling, visions of flying colored balls probably fill your imagination. However, you'll be amazed to know jugglers are highly trained professionals that have taken this skill to an entirely new level. Bowling Balls? Flaming Swords? Machetes? Absolutely and much more! If they can lift it, they can juggle it! Juggling acts are most often interlaced with comedy and frequently make use of audience participation making them especially entertaining. Jugglers may also combine ball spinning, portrait sketching, tall unicycling and balancing to enhance their routines.

Massage Therapists

Trade shows mean tired, achy bodies for attendees walking the floor all day long. So draw crowds to your booth by offering them in-booth mini-massages. The Inside Track's licensed, trained massage therapists make sure that everyone who stops by your booth leaves with a great feeling about your company!

Celebrity Impersonators

The Inside Track provides Celebrity Impersonators and Look-A-Likes for trade shows, grand openings or special events. We'll work with you to provide just the right performer to deliver the type of engagement or entertainment  to help make your event memorable. Our celebrity impersonators and tribute artists have years of experience and know how to get your party going. Want Elvis to drop in on the party? Marilyn Monroe? Our look-alike performers are such dead ringers they'll have guests wondering if they're the real thing! Our performers can customize their routines that will have your guests talking about your event well after it's over!

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