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Rent Show-Ready Furniture

The Inside Track makes it easy to rent high-quality furniture for your trade show or event.

We offer a wide selection of high-quality furniture pieces at affordable prices, in stock and ready for fast delivery.

Before shipping, each piece is thoroughly cleaned and reviewed by hand to ensure it is free of damage.

Orders are delivered to the advanced warehouse on time, so they can be automatically transferred to the site and set up at your convenience.

We offer flexible shipping options, and our experienced team will work with you to find the best value while meeting all your deadlines.

Custom Packaging Process

Trust that your furniture will arrive in great condition with our protective packaging. 

Each piece of furniture will arrive clean, bagged, and pad-wrapped. Then they’re loaded into our custom-built, reinforced “skrates,” which are a combination of a skid and crate. Each skrate is lined with carpet for added protection during transport.

Skrates are enclosed with red stretch film for quick identification, and they have low sides, allowing easy access from either end. Pictures and piece count of contents are attached to each skrate for easy unpacking and repacking. 

Prepaid return shipping labels are printed and placed in a plastic sleeve that’s attached to the inside of each skrate, so return shipping is a breeze.

Event and Trade Show Furniture For Rent Or Purchase | The Inside Track

Furniture for Purchase

The Inside Track also has a wide selection of furniture available for purchase. Visit our branded site to view options, and show our unbranded website to your clients.

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