Lights, Camera, Match That Color!

How to color match carpet like a pro.

When your client says, “And we want the carpet to match our brand colors,” we’ve got you. We’ve been creating custom-dyed carpet to match your clients’ brand colors for more than 25 years.

To get the best match:

  1. Be exact. Ask your client for the PMS color and whether it’s coated or uncoated. Careful, these color hues are different.
  2. Start old school. Use the physical PMS book of color strips. Don’t use your screen. Every monitor displays colors differently.
  3. Get physical. Send us a physical sample of the approved color on fabric or another substrate.
  4. Step back. When you’re ready to evaluate the color match, put the carpet swatch on the ground next to the PMS color strip from the book. Evaluate the match while standing six feet away to check from the same distance most people will see your carpet.
  5. Adjust the lighting. Lighting affects the color you will see. Do your best to mimic the lighting you expect at the show. The color of your carpet will look different when viewed in the warehouse, at install when only some of the hall lights have been turned on, and in the full light of the show. 
  6. Plan ahead. Color matching takes a little more time than you think. It’s important to get it right. We can usually create and ship a color-matched carpet swatch in about five business days. Formulating the dye and scheduling a custom color run may take up to six weeks from start to finish, plus the time for any inlays and shipping.

Yes, the Pantone Matching System is the industry standard for color matching of print media—but it wasn’t designed for textiles. For the best match, follow the steps above.

Don’t forget: we can match almost anything your designers specify, from custom-dyed carpet and inlays to custom-printed rollable vinyl.

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