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Long-Lasting Designs

Our custom, dye-infused carpet is the perfect solution for custom patterns, images, or designs, especially if you want them to last.

Durable Fiber

In our dye infusion process, ink soaks down to the base of the nylon fiber. This creates higher image quality and longer-lasting images than top printed carpets. We use the same process that creates the intricate carpet designs that you see in hotel lobbies and hallways, so you can feel confident knowing that your design will withstand heavy foot traffic. And we add a soil and stain protector in the manufacturing process, giving you an extra layer of protection.

Vivid Images

Dye Infused carpets create vibrant images. At The Inside Track, we create our carpets using 625 dpi, compared to the industry standard of 256 dpi. If you already have a design in mind, our team has the experience to execute your project with precision. If you don’t, our in-house design specialists can work with you to create the perfect look.


Dye Infused carpet is made with Ultron 3D fiber, and it is available in 16, 32 and 42 ounce weights.

Dye-Infused Carpet Gallery

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Colors will often look different online than they do in person. Different browsers, settings, and computers all influence how the color appears on your screen. We offer free samples, so you get exactly the right product and color for your trade show.

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