It’s Sustainable!

We make it easy to recycle your trade show carpet.

You may not leave your heart in San Francisco, but you can leave your trade show carpet in California.

Instead of paying to ship and store your customer’s carpet and padding after a California show, recycle it! Send your trade show carpet and padding to our California recycling partner directly from show site. Your customers will love that 92% of their carpet and padding will be recycled. You’ll know that you’re keeping carpet and padding out of a landfill. 

Need more incentive to recycle? Place another flooring order of 600 square feet or more and we’ll give you a $100 credit on the new order.

Recycling is easy:

  1. Prepare the carpet. Make sure there’s NO carpet tape on the back of the carpet. Roll it up (no trash please!) without the core. It can be shipped skidded or loose, no problem.
  2. Schedule delivery. Call or email the appropriate contact below, depending on where your show was held, at least 48 hours before you want it delivered to schedule delivery.
  3. Ship it. Choose the appropriate location below and ship the carpet and padding. 

All you do is pay for shipping. There is no charge for recycling. 

For shows in Northern California, contact:
Circular Polymers
3390 Venture Drive
Lincoln, CA 95648
Contact: Bob Gassman

For shows in Southern California, contact:
Cristal Materials
6825 McKinley Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90001
Contact: Kevin Ponce

To receive the $100 credit when placing another flooring order for 600 square feet or more, email us the bill of lading, signed by Circular Polymers or Cristal Materials, that confirms delivery. Send it right to me at

Here’s another earth-saving and money-saving fact: our Value Plus 28 oz. carpet is made with recycled fiber AND is only $1.38 per square foot! 

Check out more sustainable flooring options from The Inside Track:

Need a flooring estimate for your next show? Call us at 404-876-5900 or contact us to talk to one of our awesome account managers. 

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