Sustainable Flooring That’s Not Boring

Looking great on the show floor: our EZ Down Stone Tile + Envirodeck.

Does your customer want sustainable trade show flooring that’s not boring? Check out our EZ Down flooring series.

Our EZ Down Planks and Stone Tiles look fantastic. They’re highly functional and reusable for years to come. Sustainability is on everyone’s mind. Buying reusable flooring that can be used in multiple configurations and stand up to wheels and heels makes a lot of sense (and cents!)

Combine our EZ Down Planks or Stone Tiles with our 100% recyclable eco padding for a great-looking floor that checks every box: eye-catching, functional, environmentally friendly and budget-friendly, too.

Contact us to ask our awesome account management team for samples. Or, click here to download our unbranded color chart to share our EZ Down Plank and Stone Tile options with your customers.

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