Key Insights & Takeaways From Exhibitor Live

Dave and Stephanie before walking the show floor.
Bonus points if you can name that photobomb!

Whether you call it Nashville, Smashville or Cashville, our industry was firing on all cylinders last week at Exhibitor Live. Here are a few things I wanted to share:

1. Shows are the new corporate conference room.

Great news for all of us: employers are sending their remote workers and in-person staff to industry conferences so their teams can meet in person and collaborate. We expect to see smart companies putting more focus—and dollars—into shows and exhibits.

2. More first-time attendees and exhibitors.

Expect to see higher attendance at shows and more first-time attendees. Experts at the show recommended taking this into account when designing exhibits and strategizing about how to maximize impact.

We saw this trend at Exhibitor Live: 40% more buyers and potential buyers attended this year’s show.

3. Customers are actively leveraging AI. 

Professionals throughout our industry are using artificial intelligence to streamline tasks from planning sessions to evaluating proposals. The first look at your carefully written proposal may be with AI.

4. Sustainability is where it’s at.

Sustainability, reducing waste, and eco-friendly were phrases heard all show long. Get ahead of the curve with our eco-friendly carpet and recycling options and our EZ Down plank flooring made with recycled products.

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